Riverhead Ranters

Welcome to the website of the Riverhead Ranters Ceili Band


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If you do not know the band, we are a group of traditional musicians with several guises.

The Riverhead Ranters Trio often do acoustic gigs,

but the full Ceili band can have as many as six or seven musicians, most often four.

We come complete with our own caller for Ceili bookings.

Our repertoire is varied but is heavily influenced by music from the West of Ireland.

We have our own PA and can play amplified or acoustically for a wide variety of events.

We carry third party insurance and all of our gear is PAT certified.


If you would like to check our availability or get a quote

Telephone 01507 604949 or 01507 578401


You can email an enquiry to


band  AT  riverhead-ranters.co.uk


please substitute @ for AT in the above email address

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